Current legislation and initiatives

Important Legislative Contacts

As legislative initiatives warrant, we ask our HAG members to contact their Congressman, Senators and members of the House Ways and Means and Financial Services Committees, as well as the Senate Finance and Banking Committees. Below are links through which you may obtain the relevant contact information for the Congress and the specific committees. As a reminder, email, phone and fax are the preferable methods of contact as U.S. mail to Capitol Hill is delayed up to two weeks due to security measures.

Marketing Tools to Keep Congress Informed of Developments/Investments

To educate the large number of new Members of Congress on the importance of the LIHTC program, the HAG encourages its members to participate in a simple yet effective marketing exercise. Click the links below to view template announcements which can be sent to the district, state and Washington offices of elected officials where you are developing or rehabilitating LIHTC properties. Aside from the typical information on the location and characteristics of the property, it's important to include job creation and economic impact information. This information will resonate with every member of your congressional delegation and trumpet the LIHTC program as a job creator. Included is the formula by which you can calculate the temporary and permanent jobs created by each development.

How does the LIHTC work?

Special Report: LOW-INCOME HOUSING TAX CREDIT: Assessment of Program Performance & Comparison to Other Federal Affordable Rental Housing Subsidies

Low Income Housing Tax Credit: Assessment of Program Performance & Comparison to Other Federal Affordable Rental Housing Subsidies, a study commissioned by the Housing Advisory Group (HAG) and authored by Novogradac and Company LLP, finds that low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC)-financed properties have a remarkable track record, particularly when compared to the performance of other federal government subsidies of affordable rental housing. The study's findings substantiate the strength of the LIHTC program; with its 25-year track record, the LIHTC program stands out as a model of how the tax code can and does, very efficiently, benefit society. Please click here to download the report, or click here to view a narrated video overview on YouTube.